Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning in a safe environment in which individuals develop a sense of pride in themselves, their school and community.


Mission Statement

We will achieve this by providing……….

-the ability and desire to build on their knowledge and skills

-a strong set of practical, social and emotional life skills

-a sense of personal achievement

-a sense of personal pride in themselves, their school and  community

-Christian and universal values through an ethos of love tolerance and respect.



At St. Clement’s we will aim to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity between disabled person and other person.
  • Eliminate discrimination that is unlawful under the Act.
  • Eliminate harassment of disabled pupils that is related to their disabilities.
  • Promote positive attitudes towards disabled people.
  • Encourage participation by disabled persons in public life.
  • Take steps to account of disabled persons’ disabilities, even where that involves treating disabled persons more favourably than other persons.