Images of the staff as drawn by children across the school.

Mrs Parker by Rorra Mrs Parker- Head Teacher
Mr Thirsk- Assistant Head Teacher and Year 6 Teacher
Ms Younge- Nursery Teacher and Key Stage Lead
Miss Thomason  Mrs Leigh – Reception Teacher
   Miss Nelson- Year 1 Teacher
 Miss Checkland- Year 2 Teacher
vanessa  Mrs Nicol- Year 3 Teacher
 miss male  Miss Male- Year 5 Teacher
 Mrs Stokes-  Year 4 Teacher
Miss Thompson  Mrs St Hill- Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher and Key Stage Lead.
Mrs Rodgers -Nursery Teacher and EYFS Lead (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Miss Steeles – Teaching Assistant Manager & Learning Mentor
Miss Gregory Miss Gregory – Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
susan Mrs Stewart- KS1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Naylor Miss Naylor – Teaching Assistant
abbie Miss Thompson- Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
Mrs Singh – KS1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Campbell by Michael Mrs Campbell – KS2  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mellon Mrs Mellon- KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mr Nield- KS2 Teaching Assistant
teressa Miss T O’connor- KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Moss by Shannon Mrs Moss- Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
Miss Crolla- KS1  Teaching Assistant
Miss J Austen- Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
lindsay Mrs Murphy- KS2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Mather Miss Mather – Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs Littlewood – Breakfast Club Organiser
Miss Musgrave Miss Musgrave – Breakfast Club/Lunchtime Organiser & Cleaner
Mrs Loftus Mrs Loftus – Senior Lunchtime Organiser
Miss Cooper Miss Cooper – Breakfast Club / Lunchtime Organiser
miss caldercott lo (1) Miss Caldecott- Lunchtime Organiser
mrs shaw lo Mrs Shaw- Lunchtime Organiser
mrs mills Mrs Mills- Lunchtime Organiser
miss fagin Miss Fagan- Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs Hallas Mrs Law – School Business Manager
Mrs Street Mrs Street – Attendance Officer / Family Support Worker
Mrs Renshaw- Admin Officer
Jim Rose  – Caretaker
joyce cleaner Joyce Agyei-Asare- Cleaner
Samantha Rose – Catering Assistant
Joanne Wall – Head Cook
Sharon Rowlands – Catering Assistant & Cleaner