School Council

School Council

St Clements School Council

St Clement’s School Council provides the pupil voice in the school. We have had a school council for over 4 years now and feel it is such an important way of communicating children’s views effectively.

We have 2 elected children from each class (from year 2 to year 6) with the addition of the Head Boy and Head Girl, making us a council of 12 children ably assisted by Miss Male, who is the lead teacher.

The school council meets approximately every fortnight, discussing issues our classes have raised and coming up with solutions to better the school for all. 

Children’s Voice

At St Clement’s, teachers make learning fun by organising special days and weeks for us to progress further in different areas of the curriculum. In the past year we have taken part in; experience days, science investigation days, whole school writing days, enterprise week and MFL days. We are proud that French is now on our timetable and we are enjoying practising this weekly. 

We are lucky enough to have lots of school clubs on offer at St Clement’s. We have breakfast club, drama club, gymnastics, singing, football, cross country, study club, multi sports, coding club and booster sessions. Each class has the opportunity to show the rest of the school what they have been learning about through a production where parents are invited in. We really enjoy this opportunity to explore drama. 

We have continued to progress in ICT. Throughout school, children get to do blogging, coding (to eventually be able to create our own games) and the chance to make movies. We are using the IPADs and laptops in other subjects as well. 
We are especially proud of the amount of charity and fundraising work that our school does. Some examples of these are the summer and Christmas fairs, movie nights, Jeans for Genes and Macmillan coffee mornings. We have recently been involved in the Manchester Bee project alongside 18 other schools to support those affected by the 2017 bombing. 
Other fun things that school run are bingo nights, school discos, small gifts that children can purchase for mothers and fathers day and St Clement’s got talent. 
This past year we have tried really hard to get our parents involved as much as we can. We have offered opportunities for parents to come in to see handwriting and our experience day learning. We have held mornings for parents to learn about staying safe on the internet and the methods we use in maths. We also invited parents in to help with our Manchester Bee project. We enjoy it when our parents come in to school. 
As a Christian school, our values are very important to us. We enjoy class worship on Tuesday mornings, visitors in assemblies who come in to talk to us or play live music and our new discussion of the week. We also enjoy our whole school RE creative projects.
School council are hoping to make some more changes this year to further improve our already great school! 
School Council 2017-18.
School Council