Parliament Week

Monday 2nd November – Friday 6th November 2020


During Parliament Week, our children were informed of the importance of Parliament in the UK and to empower them to get involved.


Parliament is made up of:

  • The House of Commons
  • The House of Lords
  • The Monarch.

What do they do:

  • Represent the people
  • Pass laws
  • Debate laws
  • Challenge the government


To understand what it means to vote for something.

Year 1

Introduced voting to the children.

Year 2

Looked what it means to vote and why it is important and explored various ways of voting. Children learned what Parliament is, where it is and what they do.

Year 3

Pupils re-capped what it means to vote for something, that everybody’s vote counts and everybody can have a say.  They also looked at what Parliament is, where it is and what they do and about the Gunpowder plot.

Year 4

Children learned to understand what parliament is, where it is and what they do. Children Explored how over many years there have been many movements to fight for our rights to vote eg, Suffragette movement. Pupils were informed that there have been many debates throughout history about Parliament and democracy.

Year 5

Pupils looked at what Parliament is, where it is and what they do and took part in and Online Workshop with people who work in the houses of Parliament, In addition, they learned how many political parties are there and what are they know as. Plus, which party is in charge of our country currently and learned the main members and leaders of Parliament and their roles. Their task was to think about what they would you suggest if you they a Member of Parliament.

Year 6

Pupils looked at what Brexit was and what it means for our country. They discuss the meaning of negotiations and how we are in the process of doing in order to build a future.

Pupils also looked at the current Coronavirus situation and thought about: What obstacle has it brought to the government? What decisions did they have to make? Do you think it would be easy/hard? When was the last time the government had to deal with a pandemic?

Has the Conservative party made good decisions? Look at certain decisions and debate both sides of view.

pupils Used a Conservative view or decision and debated with a controversial view from an opposition party thinking about: Would you have done things differently? Why? What do you think our concerns are as a country in future years? How can we work together through challenging times? Link to if there is a Lockdown how can we ensure minimal impact on our learning – leaders at home and supporting younger siblings,

Please take a look at some photos of our work: