End of Autumn Term

Morning Parent/Carers

We have nearly made it & I will be honest, I am surprised we have managed to keep as many classes open as we have done after a bleak start to the week & the many twists & turns that have taken place by the hour (minute at some points!).
This is testament to the resilience, professionalism & skill in the staff team who have pulled together & worked above and beyond- I can’t thank them enough that we have managed to keep the school open and provide some memorable Christmas experiences in the face of adversity.
This is also due to the support and good wishes from yourselves. A number of you are testing your children regularly to keep them & us safe and again, we really appreciate everything you have done this week too.

We have also been concerned about our children, families & staff who have been unable to come into school. If you have been or are still unwell, we wish you all the best as you recover and hope that the Christmas period provides you with further time to rest & recuperate.

Although the Department for Education have not changed their guidance yet, there is every chance that might be done over Christmas or the new year.
I will send out a dojo message if there are significant changes to the way we operate. However, I am getting prepared for & have already (this week) moved towards the measures that they may re-introduce such as limiting visitors to school, keeping staff and children in separate classes and reducing mixing etc. We are sad that we all can’t meet for worship or events in the hall and this is going to be in place for at least two weeks on our return to see if the case rates reduce.
I will keep you updated about any changes and the reasons behind these decisions as much as possible.

It just now leaves me to say I hope you all keep safe, have a good Christmas and let’s hope for better times to come in 2022.
School re-opens on Wednesday 5th January at 8.50am.

Take care, Mrs Parker

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