Esafety Update

Safety Online At Home

There have been a number of instances within school where children/parents have reported issues/bullying/comments made online either via SnapChat/What’s App or Facebook when online at home.

These matters take time to resolve and impact significantly on the time staff can spend focusing on
learning as well as children not being ready to learn due to being pre-occupied with what has gone
on outside of school with their peers.

It is essential that parents supervise the use of any electronic devices used by their children and this may require you to ensure Parental Controls are in use.

Due to the number of issues which have occurred and time required by school staff to deal with these, School Staff will no longer address issues relating to the use of these Apps if these issues are occurring outside of school hours.

Parents must be aware that the use of such Apps are the responsibility of the parent if they choose to allow their child access to these Apps/devices and therefore require adult supervision.
Legislation will be changing (Mr Nield will provide information when this has been confirmed) and this could result in parents facing prosecution if they allow a child under 13 years of age to use such Apps.

Here is some guidance on the legal Age limits for signing up for and having an account on:
 Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and facebook – 13+
 Fornite – 14+
 Wattsapp – 16+
For further information on App info, Age ratings, support for parent carers and where to report any
concerns please visit the safer internet centre:

If you are worried and have concerns regarding the use of these Apps and information received from
others, as a parent you are at liberty to report this matter to the App being used directly or CEOP.
However if the information received suggests your child/you or others may be at risk of harm report
this issue to the Police via 101.

As a school we want to ensure all of the children’s emotional well-being, safety and ability to learn is
not hindered by their access to electronic devices. If you require any assistance in ensuring parental
controls/ restrictions are in place on those devices used by your child/children, please request assistance from Reception and this will be arranged with Mr Nield.

Please Note: If there are any issues which are addressed by the school this will be in line with St Clements Behaviour and/or Safeguarding Policies.

Thank you, from the Designated Persons for Child Protection team- Mrs Parker, Mr Thirsk, Ms Erving, Ms Steeles, Miss O’Connor & Mr Nield (e-safety lead)

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