Info on School Re-opening on 8th March:

Morning Everyone
I hope you are all ok?

You will have seen & heard yesterday that the government want schools to open to all pupils on Monday 8th March.
Good news- can’t wait to see everyone back in school again!

The government have updated their guidance and after reading it, there are no major implications to how we successfully operated in the Autumn term:
-we will continue with our staggered start/drop off & end/pick up times & arrangements
-we will organise pupils to be taught & play in their separate class bubbles with consistent staffing
-we will hopefully be able to run our lunchtime catering arrangements as before
-we will hopefully be able to run our breakfast club as before.

I will give you more definite/finalised plans and updated class arrangement letters at the start of next week.

Take care, Mrs Parker


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