Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results- October 2022

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Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results- October 2022

Dear Parent/Carers

Please find attached the outcomes from the 89 parent/carer questionnaires that were completed at our parent/carer evenings in October.

Responses to the vast majority of the questions were overwhelmingly positive with 100% of parent/carers either strongly agreeing or agreeing.

The question with the fewest strongly agree responses was ‘The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle’. One parent/carer added that the school serves pizza, that’s why they disagreed with this statement. I therefore asked our cook, Joanne, to provide further information about our menu and pizza, to answer this concern:

We have a balanced menu that follows the governments food standards for schools. Within the menu we try and ensure we provide food items the children enjoy also encouraging them to choose healthy items. We provide a fresh healthy salad bar each day to accompany all menu choices which the children are encouraged to use. We try to promote good health and eating habits. Children need a balance of nutrients each day . Our pizza is homemade (not shop bought). It contains the required Starch in the homemade bread base. Diary in the cheese topping . Fruit in the tomatoes we use to top the pizza . We use minimal salt if not zero salt . We also use no animal fats, we use vegetarian fats .

Don’t forget the other things we do to help our children have a healthy lifestyle: PE lessons twice a week (once for Y4 + swimming); a range of extra curricular clubs; lessons in Science about the impact of exercise on the body; lessons in PSHE about looking after our mental health; Children’s Mental Health Week; Visitors to school such as the Dental nurse and our work around E-Safety as part of our Computing lessons and the E-Cadet work.

We are really pleased with this feedback as well as the positive comments too.
Thanks to those parent/carers who took the time to complete a questionnaire and we will continue to update you with how we are progressing in the areas we want to develop.

Thanks, Mrs Parker

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