Led by our Head Boy and Head Girl, our Year 6  contribute to the calm and friendly atmosphere we enjoy around the school, supporting other children at lunchtimes, administering our Awards Assembly and acting as role models for the other children. This is the spearhead of our Peer Mentor ethos which encourages children from Key Stage Two classes to take responsibility for their school. 



The buddy system which runs at lunchtime is our way of encouraging children to support each other and take responsibility for their school community. All of the Year 5 children are on a group rota as ‘Buddies’ and help the lunchtime organisers with the different play activities that are available at lunchtime, the children also help to organise the children into teams for football, basketball and also help to turn the skipping ropes for the younger children. The Buddies also help the younger children to play games and the buddies also make sure that everyone plays nicely and takes turns. We also have Year 6 children who are EYFS buddies in our Foundation Stage at lunch time to support our Foundation Stage Children.


Lunchtime Assistants

Children  from Years 4 and 6 have volunteered to help in the dining hall, they help the children by directing them where they should sit, they pour drinks, help cut up food and clear trays for the younger children, they also act as runners for the lunchtime organisers by helping younger children back to their classes and asking for another class to come and eat.  The children help wipe the tables and sweep the floor which helps in keeping the dining hall clean for the children. The children help to give out the cutlery  and they sometimes serve from the salad bar.



The Friendship Garden, situated in a quiet area between our playgrounds, provides an opportunity for children to meet and make friends or to talk with one of their peers about any problems they are having.

With the opening of our School Library, children from KS2 now have the opportunity to become Reading Champions; spending quiet time sharing some of their favourite books with children from Key Stage One.