Whilst we are keen to hear your views about things you like about our school, we also need to know if you have anything you are unhappy about as soon as possible. The majority of issues raised by parent/carers, the community or pupils, are concerns rather than complaints.  We are committed to taking any concerns seriously, at the earliest stage, so that we can review our procedures in response to your comments.  Others may share your concerns, so your comments are valuable for our continuing school improvement work.

Your first contact should be with your child’s class teacher; in most cases concerns can be sorted out straightaway. If you are unhappy with how your concern has been addressed or if the concern is in relation to the class teacher, then please speak Mrs Gill, Nursery and Reception phase leader, Miss Younge, Year 1 and 2 phase lead and Mr Thirsk (Year 3-6 phase lead & Assistant head) Mrs St Hill  Assistant Head. If necessary, your concern will be passed to Mrs Parker Head Teacher.

We have two policies, which can be found in the Policies section and which relate to concerns and complaints. Please ask at the office if you would like to view a paper copy.

  • Raising Concerns and Formal Complaints Policy
  • handling concerns from parent carers of SEND pupils