School Curriculum


Curriculum Intent

We encourage and inspire children to aim high and challenge themselves in everything they do. ‘


At St. Clements, our wider curriculum is underpinned by our mission statement, ‘to encourage and inspire children to aim high and challenge themselves in everything they do’. As a result our wider curriculum:

  • is inspiring for our learners
  • is ambitious in its vision for what our pupils will achieve
  • provides cultural experiences to address local deprivation
  • is coherently planned and sequenced to promote an accumulation of significant knowledge
  • allows a flexible approach to adapt to the needs of all learners

At St. Clements, we recognise the power of the wider curriculum to enhance the learning across all subjects, and engage all types of learners; we truly teach a broad and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum is knowledge engaged, giving knowledge, skills and understanding equal weight. Every child at St. Clements is celebrated for what they can do, and encouraged to fulfil their potential. We prioritise the wider curriculum in our timetables to ensure an accumulation of significant knowledge and understanding, enabling every child to express their talents and interests. Teachers have a good subject knowledge and plan with the curriculum aims in mind, ensuring that work is both ambitious and inspiring.



Our long-term curriculum overview maps the topic and curriculum content across each year and term (agreed with teachers before the commencement of the academic year). At the start of each academic year, teachers plan the skills they will address in each term with the Wider Curriculum lead, using medium term plans. This gives teachers the tools to plan effectively each term and ensure sufficient coverage and depth in the wider curriculum. Teachers are given the flexibility to adapt curriculum content, providing it meets the curriculum intent for our pupils. The curriculum takes a topic based approach, with a new topic taught each term to deliver the aims of the national curriculum.

Revised Curriculum Overview 23-24

EYFS Long term Plan 2023-24


I Matter PSHE Overview 2023-24

Before We Leave, We Will Achieve KS2 FINAL

Before We Leave, We Will Achieve KS1 final

Before We Leave, We Will Achieve EYFS (1)


Two experience days per term plus visitors and educational visits are also timetabled to enhance and support delivery of the creative aspects of the wider curriculum.

Please take a look at our Curriculum in action page here.


Our Subjects:
































Class Topic webs:


If you wish to find out more about our curriculum or subjects please speak to or contact the subject leaders:

PSHE  Lead  – Mrs Parker              

PSHE Behaviour aspect lead- Mr Thirsk

PSHE- Healthy Schools aspect Lead – Miss Steeles

Literacy lead – Ms Younge and Mrs St-Hill

Numeracy lead – Mrs Leigh

Co-Numeracy lead – Miss Checkland

Phonics lead /Co-Literacy lead –  Mrs Gill

Science (STEM) lead – Ms Nichol

D & T lead – Ms Nichol and Mr Nield

Computing lead – Mr Nield

PE Lead – Mr Thirsk

RE/worship & RSSA lead – Mrs Abela and Miss Thompson

Humanities lead Mrs Liegh

MFL lead – Miss Checkland 

Art lead – Miss Beedle

Music lead– Mrs Parker and Mr Nield

Forest Schools Lead – Miss Austen