Teacher – Miss Beedle

TA-  Mrs Campbell, Miss Austen

Spring Term 2024:

Communication Language and Literacy

The children in reception have been enjoying our topic ‘Our World and Beyond’. We listened to stories such as ‘Hello Penguin’ and ‘How to Catch a Star’. We focussed on the author Oliver Jeffers and enjoyed lots of stories about Space and looking after planet Earth. We learnt more about non-fiction writing and created our own posters on penguins and how to look after the Earth. This term the children have also been learning the key features of having a two-way conversation, such as eye contact, turn-taking and making comments such as “that’s so interesting” and “please continue”. After the half-term, the children in Reception will be learning about the topic ‘plants and growing’. They will be reading Jack and the Jellybean Stalk by Rachel Mortimer, The Enormous Turnip and Oliver’s Fruit Salad. We will also be celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters.



We are starting to learn about numbers to 8 and how to represent them using numicon, cubes and tens frames. We have continued to work hard in maths and have learnt lots of facts about numbers 6, 7 and 8! We have been learning about the composition of each number. The children have also really enjoyed practical work with capacity and weight. After the half-term, the Reception children will be learning about numbers to 10. They know lots of different number facts and will now be exploring the composition of numbers to 10. The children will also be looking at the features of 3D shapes, as well as copying and completing some repeating patterns.

Understanding the World

Through our topic work, we have been thinking a lot about environmental issues like pollution and endangered animals and their habitats. We collected litter in our school grounds and learnt how to look after Earth by turning lights off when we’re not in the room and taps off when we are not using them. 


In our RE lessons we have been thinking about special times, such as World Religion Day and Chinese New Year. After the half-term, the children will explore plants and growing through science investigation. We will for signs of spring in our playground such as blossom, buds, insects and daffodils. The children will explore seeds inside of fruit, as well as planting beans, seeds and bulbs to see how they grow. As part of our R.E. the children will be learning about the events of the holy week, re-enact Palm Sunday and the Last Supper, as well as learn about the importance of Easter.

Expressive Art and Design

Chinese New Year is a special time for many of our families at school. We will celebrate this in the classroom with stories, videos, photos, creative activities, dance and music. In art, the children have learnt about how different textiles are made and what they are used for. The children created their own textured collage of a dragon using a range of red materials, such as feathers, felt and wool. They also designed and made their own Chinese dragon sock puppet. After the half-term, our unit in art is printing. The children will use their skills learnt to create rainbow fish by printing scales with celery. They will also make their own mono-prints, by using cotton buds to carve out a patterned design before printing it onto paper. The children will worked with our artist in residence-. They used their new skills to create some fantastic watercolour prints.

Personal, social and emotional development

The children have continued their work with Boris during our HeartSmart lessons. They had a great time making a real life Boris the Robot with boxes! We have also been learning about our rules and routines in reception.  The children also continued their work with Boris with the topic ‘Don’t Forget to Let Love In’. The children started to think about how special they are and find ways that they can love themselves. The children also learned about very important topics such as anti-bullying week, where we coloured different patterns on Elmer the elephant to celebrate differences and learned that “there is only one of me”. They learned new vocabulary to celebrate our differences such as the word “unique”.

Physical development

During this term we have introduced street dance to the children. The aim of the sessions is to engage the children and grow their confidence whilst performing to their peers. The children have learnt a variety of dance moves which they have put into a routine to a song from the film Matilda. We have also done some games which involve lots of group work as well as working as an individual, which encouraged creativity and freestyle. After the half-term, we will introduce gymnastics.  The children will be working on their balance, coordination, jumping, skipping, running and overall fitness. The children have all been very engaged in their P.E. lessons and enjoy using the equipment.


TOPIC NAMES Understanding the World EAD (Expressive Arts and Design PSED RE Physical Development Literacy (Reading and Writing) Maths



Our World and Beyond (Space)

ART 3, 29, 13,24,27




The Seaside

ART- 31, 29



Places/the world


Environmental issues/recycling



Summer and seasonal change


Beach habitat


Father’s Day


(Everyday technology

keyboard skills continued


Photos and videos)

Sculpture- Sum 1

Collage – Sum 2


Music (Our World and Beyond)

Space hopper take me to Mars song

Let’s recycle song


Music (Seaside)-

Sea creatures song

Camille Sainte-Saens: Aquarium (melody played by the flute, accompanied by strings and piano)


Our senses (Timbre)




Role play- Space station/rocket, beach, seaside shop, ice cream shop, Treasure island.

Heartsmart – Fake is a mistake (I tell the truth)


Heartsmart – No way through, isn’ True (I can do it)




Begin to regulate behaviour, control immediate impulses, show resilience, perseverance and independence, explain reasons for rules/right and wrong), Manage self care and know about healthy food choices, form attachments, be sensitive.


Special Places (Places of Worship e.g. Mosque, Church, Gurdwara)





Special Times- Links with Non-Christian Faith celebrations


Values- Faith, Hope and Love

Martin Harvey formal handwriting lessons.

Gross Motor

▪Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others

▪Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing 

Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

Fine Motor Skills 

▪Hold a pencil effectively in preparation for fluent writing – using the tripod grip in almost all cases

▪Use a range of small tools, including scissors, paint brushes and cutlery

▪Begin to show accuracy and care when drawing.

In addition- sun safety, dressing and undressing independently for PE.

PE- Ball skills at the zoo, Fun with quiots and cones (athletics), Bats and balls at the circus (net games), Fun games with our friends (Outdoor adventure)

Reading(Phase 3/4 (5) Letters and Sounds phonics)

Demonstrate an understanding of what has been read to them by retelling stories and narratives using their own words and recently introduced vocabulary …sequence

▪Anticipate-where appropriate-key events in stories.

▪Use and understand recently introduced vocabulary during discussions about stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems and during role play.

Begin to notice some relationships between one text and another

Begin to comment on perceived links with own life

experience or other experiences, e.g. films, books

Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonics knowledge, including some common exception words



Write recognisable letters (lower case and capital) most of which are formed correctly

Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s, using taught GPCs

Write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others

Including: □ oral rehearsal of sentence before writing □ word spacing □ full stop □ capital letter

Begin to sequence 2-3 sentences within purposeful fiction/ nonfiction writing, such as: 2-3 part story (e.g. using story map/planner), Instructions 

WRITE STUFF- Just Me sentences using “chotting” for ideas.



Geometry – Exploring patterns.

–           Making simple patterns

–           Exploring more complex patterns

Addition and subtraction – Counting on and back.

–           Adding by counting on

–           Taking away by counting back

Number and place value –Numbers to 20.

–           Counting to 20

Multiplication and Division – Numerical patterns.

–           Doubling

–           Halving and sharing

–           Odds and evens

Measurement – Measure

Homework Leaflet-Homework leaflet


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