Teacher -Mrs Tate 

TA’s- Miss Gregory and Miss Austen

Spring 1:

This half term at Nursery, we have been learning about bears. We have learned about different types of bears and we have been reading stories about bears. We read ‘Postman Bear’ by Julia Donaldson, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy and our favourite, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We’ve had great fun acting out the stories, drawing pictures and talking about what our marks mean.

We have been learning to recognise and write our names and we’re starting to label our pictures with our names!

In maths, we have been learning how to count to 5 in different ways. We have been counting actions, making marks to represent numbers, learning to recognise numerals 1-5 and counting objects by carefully saying one number for each object.

For our RE sessions we have been reading some of the stories Jesus would have heard like Noah’s Ark.


We’ve also been enjoying all the snow we’ve been having recently. We’ve become experts at mark making in the snow!



  TOPIC NAMES Understanding the World Technology EAD (Expressive Arts and Design PSED RE Physical Development Literacy (Reading and Writing) Maths


Journeys and Transport





Summer in the Garden






Where we live and maps



Summer and seasonal change


In the Garden (insects and minibeasts/lifecycles)


Fathers day

IWB activities and skills continued.


Introduce iPad

Digital camera

CD player

Using technology for a


Sculpture- Sum 1

Collage – Sum 2



Music and Movement

Identifying songs and music

Parachute games

End of year performance


Role play- Transport role play- bus, station, travel agents, Minibeast garden.

Heartsmart – Fake is a mistake (I tell the truth)


Heartsmart – No way through, isn’t True (I can do it!)



Special Places (Places of Worship e.g. Mosque, Church, Gurdwara)




Special Times- Links with Non-Christian Faith celebrations


Values- Faith, Hope and Love

Writes own name

Write Dance and Dough Disco


Heath- As above + sun safety and independent self care.



PE: Moving in different ways/safety/dance/understand our bodies.


Begin Phase 2 Letters and Sounds

Consolidate Phase 1

Story structure, events, character and settings, inference and prediction, Non- fiction texts

Understand directionality of print

Ascribe meaning to print they see in different places, gives meaning to marks they make as they write

Begins to break flow of speech into words

Begins to write own name

Begins to be aware of spaces between words

Begins to leave spaces between marks representing words

Uses some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning representing some sounds correctly

Enjoys writing for a purpose

Numbers 6-10/Counting 10 & back

Finding one more, Subitising 6 and 8

The structure of square numbers (4

and 9)

Partitioning and combining

10 ones are equivalent to one 10.

Addition and subtraction of 1

Begin to estimate and check

Begin to record using marks they can interpret and explain.


Pattern- continue and create

Use shapes appropriately for tasks

Begin to select a named shape.

Size and time- ordering

Begin to use money

Use positional language


Take a look at these document to show what Nursery will be looking at in Autumn Term- 

Class newsletter Nursery Summer 1 2021

Nursery Topicweb Transport 2021

Homework Leaflet- Homework leaflet