Teacher -Mrs Tate 

TA’s- Miss Gregory and Miss Austen

This half term in nursery, We have been so excited to welcome our new pupils and helping them get to know each other! We have also been learning nursery rhymes –  Humpty Dumpty and Wheels on the bus so far! The children have enjoyed exploring the different areas in the classroom and mark making on the interactive whiteboard. 

In our news-telling session, pupils have been telling their friends what they did at the weekend with their mouse. They had to take their mouse home, take pictures and write comments in the book to explain what they did.  All the children enjoyed looking at the photos and comments about what them and the mouse had been up to!




  TOPIC NAMES Understanding the World Technology EAD (Expressive Arts and Design PSED RE Physical Development Literacy (Reading and Writing) Maths


Nursery Rhymes/Colours








My Family

Tea party (I’m a little Teapot)

Spiders (Incy Wincy)

Day and night (Twinkle Twinkle)

Favourite colours

Colour changes

Autumn and seasonal change/

Bonfire night and Diwalli


Families and homes


Winter/cold places and seasonal change





IWB: Nursery Rhymes,

Bonfire night, Poppy Day, People who help us

Selecting tools and mark making on the IWB



Painting- Aut1




Music and movement- Action songs (phase 1)

Familiar songs

Expressing feelings

through music (ribbon dancing)

Copying simple rhythms with instruments


Nativity songs and performance


Role play- home corner, Santa’s workshop.

Heartsmart – Get Heart smart (Meet Boris)


Heartsmart – Don’t forget to let love in (I am special)


Rules and routines

I am special (diversity)

Harvest (Sukkot- Jewish Harvest)



Special people (inc those who help us)


Christmas (Births and birthdays, The Nativity)




Values- Thankfulness, Respect and Love

Begins to use circles and lines

Uses a tripod grip (3 fingers)

Holds pencil between thumb and two fingers

Toilets independently

Write Dance and Dough Disco


PE: Moving in different ways/safety/dance/understand our bodies.


Health-Toileting, hand washing, beginning independent self care (putting on coat/wellies etc), keeping safe at school (rules)



Letters and Sounds Phase 1- Focus on Environmental and instrumental sounds.


Familiar stories and rhymes- repeated refrains.

Begins to show awareness that print carries meaning

Begins to distinguish the difference between print and pictures

Begins to ascribe meanings to marks they see in different places

Begins to use some recognisable symbolic shapes when drawing/writing

Begins to understand the directionality of print

Knows which way to hold a book or piece of writing

Knows that left page is before right

Counting, number rhymes and songs (numbers on fingers)

Comparing numbers/quantities 1,2 and 3 – ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’

Ordering numbers 1 to 3

The structure of 3. 4 as a square number

Recognition of items without

counting (subitising)


Begin to understand positional language

Notices patterns and shapes in pictures.

Categorise objects according to shape/size

Time- immediate, past or future talk

Show interest in shapes in the environment

Begins to show an interest in shapes and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects.


Take a look at these document to show what Nursery will be looking at in Autumn Term- 

Autumn 2 topic web for nursery 2020

Class newsletter Nursery Autumn 2020

Homework Leaflet- Homework leaflet