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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

St Clements Remote Learning Policy Jan 2021

LAC & Designated Person For LAC Policy DEC 20

Pupil Premium Policy DEC 20

EYFS Policy October 20

-EYFS Learning Journey Policy October 20

Assessment Policy April 2020

PE Policy APR 2020

MAGT-Policy APR 2020

Handwriting Policy Dec 2020

Homework Policy Sept 20

Presentation-Marking-Feedback-Policy 2020

Learning & Teaching Policy SEPT 20

Collective Worship Policy March 18

English as an Additional Language Policy Feb21

RE Policy Sept 20



Behaviour and Safety 

Policy for managing serial & unreasonable complaints MARCH 2020

Raising Concerns & Formal Complaints Policy MARCH 2020

Acceptable Use Policy – KS2 Children Jan 2021

Acceptable Use Policy – KS1 Children JAN 2021

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy Jan 2021

E-Safety Policy Jan 2021

-Social-Media-Policy 2020

Physical-Restraint-Use-of-Reasonable-Force-Policy- JAN 2021

Statement of General Principles with Regard to Behaviour 20-21

Exclusion Policy DEC 20

The Education of Children with Medical Needs Who Are Unable to Attend School DEC 20

Early Drop-off, Collection & Late Collection of Children Policy Nov20

First Aid Policy DEC 20

Health-Safety-Policy OCT 2020

– Safeguarding Policy SEPT 20

Pupil Code of Conduct Policy 07.09.20 (COVID UPDATE)

Healthy Food and Drink Policy MAY 19

Parental Involvement Policy MAY 19

Bereavement Policy MAY 2019

Pupil Attendance Policy Nov 20

Data Protection Policy JUNE 20

Data Protection Officer information

Missing Child Policy MAY 19

Code of Conduct for Parents Policy MAY 20

Child-Friendly-Safeguarding-Policy MAY 20

Child-Protection-Policy 2020

Children with Medical Conditions Policy MARCH 20

Anti-Bullying-Policy JAN 2021

Asthma Policy December 18

 Sex & Relationships Policy JUNE 20

Parent or Carer – Privacy Notice Jan 21

Freedom of Information Policy JUNE 20

PSHE Policy SEPT 20



Special Educational Needs


ACCESSIBILITY-PLAN St Clements C of E Primary School JAN 21

Safeguarding Info Sharing on Transition Policy Sept 20

Handling-concerns-from-parent-carers-of-SEND-pupils-SEPT 20

– SEN Info Report Sept 20

Special Educational Needs Policy Sept 20

-SEN Local Offer SEPT 20




Tobacco Control Policy Jan 20

School Meals Policy Nov 20

Equal Opportunities Policy Sept 20

St Clement’s Equality Objectives September 19

Reviewed St Clement’s Equality Objectives September 19

Visitor & Volunteer Agreement MAY 2019

Governor Monitoring Visits Policy March 19

Drugs & Alcohol Policy Apr 20

Race Equality & Cultural Diversity Policy February 19

Charging Policy MARCH 20

Complying with the Equality Duty 07.09.20