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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

St Clements Remote Learning Policy September 2021

LAC & Designated Person For LAC Policy DEC 20

Pupil Premium Policy DEC 20

EYFS Policy SEPT 21

-EYFS Learning Journey Policy October 20

Assessment-Policy May 21

PE-Policy June 21

MAGT-Policy June 21

The Teaching & Learning of Reading Policy Sep21

Handwriting Policy Jan 2021

Homework Policy Sept 21

Presentation-Marking-Feedback-Policy 2020

Learning & Teaching Policy Sept 21

Collective-Worship-Policy FEB 21

English as an Additional Language Policy Feb 21

RE Policy Sept 20


Behaviour and Safety

Policy For Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints MARCH 2021

Complaints Policy March 2021

Acceptable Use Policy – KS2 Children Jan 2021

Acceptable Use Policy – KS1 Children JAN 2021

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy Jan 2021

E-Safety Policy Jan 2021

-Social-Media-Policy 2020

Physical-Restraint-Use-of-Reasonable-Force-Policy- JAN 2021

Statement of General Principles with Regard to Behaviour 20-21

Exclusion Policy DEC 20

The Education of Children with Medical Needs Who Are Unable to Attend School DEC 20

Early Drop-off, Collection & Late Collection of Children Policy Nov20

First Aid Policy OCT 21

Health & Safety Policy OCT 21

Safeguarding Policy SEPT 21

Pupil Code of Conduct Policy SEPT 21

Healthy Food and Drink Policy MAY 19

Parental-Involvement-Policy MAY 21

Bereavement Policy MAY 2019

Pupil Attendance Policy Nov 20

Data Protection Policy Mar 21

Data Protection Officer information

Missing-Child-Policy MAY 21

Code of Conduct for Parents Policy MAY 20

Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy MAY 21

FGB Child Protection Policy May21

Children with Medical Conditions Policy Mar 21

Anti-Bullying-Policy JAN 2021

Asthma-Policy JAN 21

Sex-Relationships-Policy May 21

Parent or Carer – Privacy Notice Jan 21

F&R Freedom of Information Policy Mar 21

PSHE Policy SEPT 20


Special Educational Needs


ACCESSIBILITY-PLAN St Clements C of E Primary School JAN 21

Safeguarding Info Sharing on Transition Policy Sept 20

Handling-concerns-from-parent-carers-of-SEND-pupils-SEPT 20

SEN Info Report SEPT 21

Special Educational Needs Policy SEPT 21

Local Offer SEPT 21



Tobacco Control Policy Jan 20

School Meals Policy Nov 20


St-Clements-Equality-Objectives-MARCH 2021

Visitor & Volunteer Agreement MAY 2019

Governor-Monitoring-Visits-Policy FEB 21

Drugs-Alcohol-Policy MAY 21

Race Equality & Cultural Diversity Policy February 19

Charging Policy Mar 21

Complying with the Equality Duty 07.09.20