Teacher – Miss Checkland

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Singh


We shared a great book about A walk in London. We decided to go for a walk in Openshaw to see what we could see.  We then researched different places in our area and created a leaflet about what there is to see and do in Openshaw.






It has been an unbelievably exciting time in Year 2 as we discovered a very special new member of or class – Paddington Bear!   We carried out lots of research into spectacled bears and then decided that it was safe for him to stay in our class.  Everyone loves sharing the different Paddington stories.  He is always having adventures –  that’s just the sort of bear that he is!  Year 2 have produced some amazing pieces of writing including an information report, a character description and a story about what happens when Paddington goes to school. 






Paddington has inspired us to learn  more about the world around us and so over this term we will be working to develop our Geography skills.  We have already learnt how to name and locate all of the seven continents and five oceans. We are going to study Peru, where Paddington is from, and compare it with where we live. We have all become fascinated by our huge world map and looking at where different countries and continents are.  We are looking forward to learning even more about different places and comparing them to where we live in the next half term.



In art we have learnt about Peruvian textiles and begun to develop our sewing skills.   Everyone has begun to work on how to thread needles, control the thread and sew basic stitches.  We have started to create some amazing llama dreamcatchers – did you know that the llama is the most common animal in Peru?


For our design and technology work we are going to look at Paddington’s favourite snack – the marmalade sandwich.  We are going to use our science skills to decide if it is a healthy meal and then look to develop a healthy snack that Paddington can try. We might even try it too!


In Science we have been studying plants and how they grow.  We have explored seeds and the lifecycle of different plants.  We have also planted lots of seeds and bulbs in different conditions to see how this affects how they grow.



Everyone has worked well as a team in Maths to help each other learn lots about multiplication, division and odd/even numbers.  The children have begun to use Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars at home to support their learning in school, keep this up you little Rockstars!  Our next challenges in Maths include fractions and learning how to tell the time.











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