School Office

 Mrs Law – School Business Manager

Mrs Street – Attendance & Family Support Worker

Mrs Renshaw- Administration Officer

  • Two weeks notice in writing is required for parent/carers to inform the office of changing their child’s lunchtime meal arrangements. This is to ensure that the kitchen do not over order food which comes at an expense to the school or under order where there would not be enough food to provide meals for all children.



  • We ask that where possible you bring the correct change when paying for school dinners, trips etc as we have a constant struggle with change.


Medical Diets in School

Please read the information below provided by Manchester Fayre as it is extremely important to ensure we provide your child with the correct medical diet according to their needs.

We are asking that your provide the required information to school. If you need support obtaining the information or clarification of allergies  the school nurse is available on a Monday morning to help.

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, Manchester Fayre, our school meal provider, can cater for such medical diets. To ensure the medical diet is appropriately managed in school, details of the dietary requirements must be provided in writing from a health professional, for example a GP, Pediatrician, Allergy Specialist or Dietitian. This information is needed to plan an appropriate school lunch menu for your child, and avoid the unnecessary exclusion of foods from your child’s diet. The information will also support the school with planning other food related activities that may take place during the school day. Without the written medical confirmation Manchester Fayre cannot guarantee that an appropriate school lunch will be provided to your child.

If your child has a medical dietary requirement, in the first instance please notify the school, and ensure your request is supported with written confirmation from the relevant health professional. Your child’s dietary information will be shared with the catering team, who with the support of their nutritionist will plan an appropriate menu. Where required, Manchester Fayre will also provide additional training and guidance to the catering team to ensure suitable meals for the medical diet prepared. Manchester Fayre provide a varied menu with choices suitable for vegetarians and cultural requirements and also meets national nutritional standards.

If you require further information please contact: Louise McErlain, Nutritionist, Manchester Fayre, 0161 234 5823, 



  •  Grey/black trousers/ skirt
  •  Red sweatshirt/ cardigan (Nursery – Year 4)
  •  Blue Sweatshirt/ Cardigan (Year 5 & 6)
  •  White polo shirt/ shirt
  •  P.E. kit- shorts, t-shirt and suitable footwear e.g. pumps


School Uniform is now available to order direct from the supplier. Items in all sizes are available in school to try before you buy.

Please use the link below to register and access the online shop for our school-

Orders placed before midnight on the 15th of the month will be delivered approximately at the end of the month. Orders places before midnight on the last day of the month will be delivered approximately the middle of the month. Please allow up to 20 working days from cut off during the busy months of June- September.

Deliveries in school are free however; you do have the option to pay for home delivery at a cost of £6.50. PLEASE NOTE- Home delivery is not an express option. Any orders that are due for delivery into school while the school is closed will be held in the warehouse until school re-opens.


 Please find below a copy of our attendance booklet and minor illness and sickness booklet –


Online Free School Meal Application

Here at school we have a new online free school meal application process which removes the need for renewal. With this system you only have to apply once, no paperwork is needed and you receive an instant response to your child’s eligibility to receive free school meals. Once you have applied and received your response school will receive an email advising us of your child’s eligibility. This removes the need for us to send home application forms and requesting proof of receipt of certain benefits. If there is a change in your circumstances and your child’s eligibility changes both you and school will receive notification of this so both parties know instantly. This will prevent debt occurring as when it is identified to a parent that the eligibility has ended they can immediately choose whether to pay for school meals or send their child with a packed lunch and again if eligibility starts again school will be aware not to charge for meals provided to that child. The process is a simple online application which you can complete at home or we can support you in school to complete and it only ever needs to be completed once.

Everyone can apply and it only takes a few minutes of your time, all you need is your national insurance number and contact details. Your child may be entitled to free school meals of which you are unaware.

The link to apply is-

If you need further support please do not hesitate to contact school.