Teacher -Mrs Rodgers

TA’s- Miss Gregory and Miss Austen


Over the last few weeks, the nursery children have enjoyed our topic about “Buildings and Materials”. The children explored different types of buildings and materials used in them. As part of our experience day, we walked around the local area and looked at the different buildings and materials we had learned about. On our science day we investigated materials that float and sink and the children were able to make predictions and record their findings. The children really enjoyed the story of the “Three Little Pigs”. They were able to recall and recite the story well and we had lots of fun with hot seating and drama activities. They enjoyed building their own houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. The nursery children are now learning about Spring and Easter. They have been playing in their own farm, making playdough chicks and investigating life cycles. We have been very busy in our maths lessons too. We went on a number hunt in and around school spotting numbers on cars, doors and road signs. The children have also been learning about different kinds of 3D shapes.








Document showing the topics that the Nursery will be looking at-Topicweb Nursery Summer 1 2018

Class Newsletter for Nursery-Class newsletter Nursery Summer 2018