Teacher – Miss Nelson

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Stewart



Year One are continuing to be superstar learners.  They are all fantastic at taking on tricky challenges and they know that this is how they will learn even more. 

In Literacy we all became authors as we wrote and created our very own books telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.     We read our stories to our partners and gave each other feedback on what we enjoyed about our writing.

We created our very own salt dough hedgehogs and have been exploring  information texts.  We have looked closely at the words used in these texts and how the information is organised.  Year One have also been researching facts and information about owls to get ready to be non-fiction authors. 

In Science Year One amazed everyone with how much they could learn about animals.   We looked at how animals can be similar and different and at different ways to sort them into groups.   We worked as a team to create a fantastic powerpoint presentation about the five main animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.   We also found out lots of interesting facts about what they eat.  Lots of the children loved sorting the animals into groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  


In Maths we have been looking at numbers and how they are made of tens and ones.  We have really enjoyed getting out lots of Maths equipment and making different numbers in different ways.  We have also been working on explaining what we know in Maths.  One of favourite Maths warm up activities is counting to 100 which we do with fun exercises.

Year One went on our first trips.  We are starting to learn about Manchester and spent time at the Lowry gallery looking at the sketches and paintings of LS Lowry.  We were really interested to see how the North West was shown in these paintings.  We are going to investigate more about Lowry’s style of paintings.    We also went to the Peoples’ History Museum and discovered the story of Little Bee, a bee who works hard and is a bit different.  We are going to keep looking into this to find out more about why this bee is now the symbol of Manchester.










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