Year 2

Teacher – Miss Younge

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Singh and Mrs Moss



Wow what an amazing class they are! With an exciting start to year 2, we are acting out  Aliens Love Underpants and there is a large rocket in the classroom enabling children to act out stories and pretend to be Neil Armstrong exploring the moon! 

Children have learnt all about the history of transport. They have looked at Viking longboats, the history of bikes, hot air balloons and are now beginning to learn about the first aeroplanes.

The children enjoyed their experience day where the focus was hot air balloons. They even got to make Papier Mache ones which are looking fantastic in our classroom hanging from the ceilings.

All this excitement about space has developed   a keen interest and the children are eager to learn the names of the planets so we are continuing our topic after the holidays.

It was lovely to see many parents in for our Fantastic Bee project where we had visits from many parents who came in to help with the colouring in.

Thank you for helping make our learning and events be fun !








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