Maths support for Parents/Carers

On this page, you will find web links and resources to help you support your child/ren at home with our Maths approach. Please take a look below at some these.


As a school from Years 1-6 we follow the Maths No Problem Maths scheme.  Here is a link to the ‘School at home’ section of their website.  It contains some short videos that you may find useful about topics like number bonds and teaching multiplication.  It also has some Maths activities that you may wish to try with your child/ren.

Maths No Problem school at home


Maths vocabulary:

Here are some links to Maths vocabulary that each class may be using.








We hope that these explanations can help you understand the terminology being used in your child’s class.   If you have any questions about this please contact your child’s teacher via class dojo or via the school office.


Times tables:

A good knowledge and understanding of times tables as well as recall of the number facts are essential to your child/ren as they progress through school.  We work with children to explore and find patterns in the times tables to secure their knowledge.  Example:  If I know 2×4=8, then I can use my knowledge of doubles to know that 2×8=16.

This is an advice guide for parents which you may find useful: times tables advice for parent/carers


Support with remote /home learning:

We appreciate that the way in which Maths is taught in school today is potentially very different from our own Maths education.   We use many more practical resources and pictorial representations and models. If there is any approach that you are not sure about in your child/rens’ home learning please do not be afraid to get in touch with the class teacher via the school office or Class Dojo. Please be assured we have all had to learn these new approaches ourselves.

In most instances we will continue to use our usual planning approach for teaching and learning in Maths.  In Early Years this is using White Rose Maths Planning and throughout Key Stages One and Two we are using Maths No Problem!  To reflect the challenges of learning at home some classes are moving Maths topics around in the Medium Term Plans.

Please click here to see the schemes of work we use in School


Maths Workbooks:

Each class teacher has selected a CGP workbook for the children in each class.  These workbooks are to support the essential Maths learning for each year group. They contain explanations and activities to work on the key areas of Maths for their age group.

If a class teacher feels that your child may not be able to access their year group Maths content confidently, then they may have been provided with a targeted workbook.  This is to enable each child to practice their skills whilst maintaining a positive attitude to Maths.  If your child is having problems accessing the workbook please let the class teacher know.


Online Maths resources:

We have subscriptions to the following websites which can be used to supplement and practice Maths.  If you require your child/rens’ personal log in then contact the class teacher.


The following external website also provide learning resources which may be helpful: (as these are external sites we are not responsible for the content)