Visit to the Lord Mayor’s Chambers

On Tuesday, 25th April a group of children, Ms Nichol and Mrs Renshaw got the chance to visit the Lord Mayor in her chambers in Manchester. We were invited to visit her after she had come to our school for a visit in January, with her being impressed by our children and staff she invited the children to enjoy a drink and biscuits with her at her chambers. The children had a lovely morning finding out more about the Lord Mayor and finding out more about her background and her role.

While with the Lord Mayor that children got to sign the visitor’s book to show they had been and this book will be kept by the Lord Mayor and also a copy is kept in the archives. The children also received special badges that only people who have visited the Lord Mayor receive.

The children got to visit the room where the Lord Mayor holds meetings with all of the councillors from Manchester.  The Lord Mayor informed the children that she is coming to the end of her time as Lord Mayor and explained to them a bit about how the appointment of the new Lord Mayor will happen.

The children found the morning really interesting and enjoyed finding out more about the Lord Mayor and also the role she has. It also gave the children inspiration as to what they can achieve no matter the back ground that they come from.