Teacher: Miss Checkland

TA: Mrs Mellon, Miss O’Connor

Summer Term 2024:


In literacy we have focused last half term on report writing we became newspaper reporters. We looked at an alternative story of the three little pigs. We reported on the death of the wolf committed by the Little pigs. We were able to work on report writing skills such as: relative pronouns and we introduced relative clauses. We worked on Formal and informal writing skills. This half term we are focusing on the book The ever-changing earth by Graham Baker –Smith. We will be writing letters from the main Character (small boy called Kun). The skills we will be looking at are writing past tense, fronted adverbials and using contrasting conjunctions to compare.

The children have already been introduced to the book and are very excited to find out more…


In maths we have been working to complete units on time, Fractions, decimals and money. Everyone has worked hard to complete these and made a great connection between decimals and Money.

This have term we started to look at Length, mass and volume. Moving on to area and perimeter. Then properties of shapes.


Last half term we focused on animals and habitats. We have just started our Chemistry unit on changing state which we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases. This unit will give the children chance to complete some cross curricular work with history and design technology.

This term we are focusing on the Aztec civilization and the history of chocolate. The children were very excited at that part. We will be looking at timelines and the Aztec society, understanding civilizations in the past has an impact on our lives today. We will find out about the Aztec empire and how it fell.

We have focused last term on the rainforests of the world, looking at the worlds continents, oceans, rivers and mountain ranges, climates and layers of the rainforest. We looked at deforestation and everyone was shocked at the devastating affect it has on the Indigenous people and the animals. We have designed an assembly to show what we have learnt.


We have focused this term on what we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong? We have explored the golden rules of religion and compared them.

Last term we focused on communication, they looked at how we use technology to communicate and how to stay safe. We learnt all about email and replied to an email sent to us by Miss Thompson and we added an attachment. This term we have started looking at animation.

We have looked at the history of animation and have made flip books and Thaumatropes. We will end the unit by using an app called movie soup which will allow the children to create their own small animation.


In our PE sessions we have continued to develop our swimming skills.

With our session with the sports coach we have been exploring athletics and cricket.

In French we have been looking at reading, writing and saying words to introduce ourselves and what we see in the classroom. We will be moving on to in the tearoom next unit.






Art and DTRRSA Articles 13, 31


RERRSA Article 14


MusicRRSA Articles, 13, 31



RRSA Articles 13, 24, 31


Year 4


Rainforests and Habitats Living things

Habitats Y4


Materials & their properties Y4

  Focus – Non European Contrasting Location – South America

Lines of latitude / longitude

Rainforest weather report

Name/locate S American countries

Brazil / UK comparison – human and physical Geography

South American Art

Natural Printing


DT – Rainforest Sewing (follow structure of PB Seasonal Stockings Unit)


Keeping Safe


BV – Mutual Respect and Tolerance for Diversity




BV – Respect for Diversity and Individual Liberty

What can we learn from Religions About Deciding what is Right and Wrong? Communic8 IT- email


Animate IT- creating animations

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition- Recorders


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