Teacher: Miss Bowen

TA: Mrs Murphy and Miss Crolla


We have had a busy start to the summer term in Year 4! In Literacy we have been focussing on looking at newspaper reports based on forest fires and writing our own reports.

Fractions and time have been our focus in Maths for the start of this half term.

We have looked at the changing of state in science and looking at the process of changing solids to liquids to gases. We have also looked at the water cycle.

Our topic this half term has been the Rainforest. This half term we have had a rainforest themed experience day where we created a collage picture of the different rainforest layers using natural materials that we found. We looked at toucan art and learnt how to draw some of our own.  We have used out geography skills to look at locations of rainforests in the world. As part of our experience day we designed our own ‘save the rainforest’ t-shirts.

This half term we have started out growing and changing topic which has looked at friendships and also why everyone is ‘special’

Towards the end of the half term we had our Healthy schools week where we have different visitors come in over the week to talk to us. We had a healthy eating session where we learnt more about why we should eat healthy, we also got the chance to use a stationary bike which had a blender attached to the front and we had the chance to pedal the bike to help make a smoothie.

Thank you for all your support this half term!

Year 4 Team!



We have been using our art skills this half term to create a collage using marbling, wood-work and watercolour painting. We have also been doing Viking bread baking in D.T. and Italian food tasting for our persuasive holiday brochures in writing. We have been learning about circuits and electricity in our science work.






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