Teacher: Miss Checkland

TA: Mrs Mellon, Miss O’Connor

Spring Term 2024:

In Literacy we have focused this half term on poetry which is one of our favourite things.  We used a Brian Moses poem to write fun poems about New Year resolutions that we could definitely keep.  We then explored an adapted version of Maya Angelou’s famous poem, Still I rise.  In this poem she explores themes of courage and resilience and how to triumph in difficult situations.  We were so inspired that the children all wrote their own poems in this style.  As a class we then worked together to share our own favourite lines from our poems to create a Year 4 class poem which we will be recording.

Everyone was so interested in Maya Angelou and her life and poetry that we will be carrying out research into this remarkable lady.  We will then use this information to create biographies of her, using the biography skills that we developed in Year 3.  


In Maths we are working to complete our units on multiplication and division. Everyone is working really hard to learn all of the multiplication facts as these will continue to support our learning. This is something that parents and carers can help the children to work on at home.

In Science we have completed our unit on electricity.  We have recently started our new Biology units looking at the purpose and structure of teeth. We will then move on to explore how to look after teeth, how animal teeth compare to humans and the role of teeth in the digestive process.  We will then investigate how our bodies process and absorb food.

In history we have started to explore Ancient Greek life.  We have started to learn where Greece is and what life is like there. We have also started to learn about Ancient Greek empire and what life was like during this time.  We have begun to explore gods and goddesses and some myths, legends and fables from Ancient times. 

We had a fantastic art day with our visiting artist Jo. We worked in pairs to create Ancient Greek style theatre masks which represented Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon and the gorgon Medusa.   Everyone worked with a partner to cut out symbols and emblems for their masks which required lots of precise work using templates and scissors. Then the masks were prepared with a colourful backing before the decorations were applied. 

In computing we have been busy Learning all about Data logging and Coding and Programming. 

In our PE sessions we have continued to develop our swimming skills.  Everyone is making such good progress and we have just received another batch of certificates for our successful swimmers.

In French we have been learning the names of ten musical instruments.  Everyone’s confidence and pronunciation has improved and we have started to notice the different determiners (words for the) le, la and les.






Art and DTRRSA Articles 13, 31


RERRSA Article 14


MusicRRSA Articles, 13, 31



RRSA Articles 13, 24, 31


Year 4


Groovy Greeks Animals Including Humans – Digestion / Teeth Y4





Changing State Y4

Greek civilisations – life in ancient Greece


RRSA Articles 17, 27


Focus:Contrasting European Location – Greece


Compare Greece to UK human & physical Geography


4 fig / 6 fig grid references / 8 compass points



Weather patterns


RRSA Article 27

Papier mache masks, pots, sculptures

Clay work

Sketching and drawing of Greek artefacts


DT – Mediterranean Food (follow structure of PB Seasonal Food Unit)

RRSA Article 24

Living in the Wider World


BV – Individual Liberty

Why are Festivals Important to Religious Communities? (Divali & Ramadan) Net IT-online safety

RRSA Articles 16, 17, 19


Sort IT- creating graphs and charts


Whole Class Ensemble Tuition– Recorders


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Ancient Worlds









Presenting Myself


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