Teacher: Mrs Abela

TA: Mr Nield 

Spring term 2024:


In English, we have used the text “The journey” by Francesca Sanna to write in role as a character from the book and a balanced argument on refugees and migrants  coming into  Britain. The children have been engaged from the moment we opened the book and we look forward to seeing their writing outcomes for their balanced arguments. The letters they have written are fantastic! We also hope that by reading a book based on real life, on a topical subject will give our children an understanding of what refugees and migrants endure.

We will move on to reading “London Eye Mystery” in spring term 2. The main character is Ted, a young boy with Asperger’s and this has allowed the children to explore some disabilities during Autism awareness week. The children will be thoroughly engaged and invested in this text and I’m sure it will have them completely hooked.


In maths, we have completed our percentages and ratio unit and we will then move on to area, perimeter and volume. There are additional sessions taking place during worship time for those children who need to catch up a little bit.

In science, we are learning about habitats and adaptation. We have learned about different species and how they survive and also about food webs.

We are going to be working on refuting evidence presented by scientists.


Our topic this term is based around North America. We will: identify the countries of North America, know that North America has different climate zones and compare climates, identify and name geographical features of North America, name and locate the capital cities of North America, recognise that North America has various time zones and how these compare to other time zones around the world and name similarities and differences between a region in the UK and a region of North America and contrast the human and physical features of each region we chose to research.

In Computing this half term, this term, we have studied data handling and we have learned how to use Excel and spreadsheets to input data and use formulas to fill cells. We have completed our unit on Online Safety. The children are very knowledgeable and are able to refer back to their maths learning in algebra to help them to use and input formulas.

Our overarching theme this half term is forgiveness and love. We have had some very good class discussions on what it means to forgive and show love to ourselves and others. All the children in our class have had the opportunity to present our Tuesday worship sessions.

The economy has been our topic in this subject. And the impact of the media:-both very important topics for our children to learn about for use in the future.

.The children have talked about aspirations for the future and also learned a little about managing money. We will also be learning about what it means to live in a democracy.

Visits, trips and experiences

We have completed another “before we leave, we will achieve” activities on our whole school culture plan. The children researched Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet and they planned a Burns Supper. They prepared and cooked the haggis, neeps and tattties and a chocolate mousse and enjoyed sharing it in class on the 26th of January (a day after the official date of 25th January).

We have had the opportunity to create a scientific experiment during science week and carry this out.

We were supposed to have a visit from the fire brigade, but unfortunately, they had a call out just as they arrived at school!







Art and DT 

RRSA Articles 13, 31



RRSA Article 14



RRSA Articles, 13, 31



RRSA Articles 13, 24, 31



RRSA Article 13


Year 6


Human Planet Evolution & inheritance Y6


Living Things and their habitats Y6

  Focus: North America (Alaska & Canada)


Comparative study – human and physical features

Rivers, Mountains, distribution of natural resources


Climate zones / biomes

Graffiti work Banksy

(Street Art PB Unit)


DT – Bird House Builders (PB Unit)

RRSA Article 24

Living in the Wider World


BV – Rule of Law



Is it Better to Express your Religion in Arts and Architecture or in Charity and Generosity? Net IT- Online safety

RRSA Articles 16, 17, 19


Sort IT- Spreadsheets Modelling


Spring 1



Spring 2








Do you have a Pet?


My Home

Information texts of South America

Persuasive arguments

American habitats writing

Narrative (south American stories)

Science – sorting/data/statistics

DT- measures, ratio, mass, weighing

Islamic art – 2d shape

Computing– data handling

Homework Leaflet-Homework leaflet

Summer 24 Newsletter y6 (1)

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