Teacher: Mr Thirsk, Mrs St-Hill

TA: Miss Thompson

Spring Term 2024:

In Literacy we have been doing some descriptive writing about the Arctic, after reading different books and looking at some video clips about the Arctic. The snow we had here, was great timing for our Literacy unit! We are now planning to write a non-chronological report about an Arctic animal to inform our audience of 3 – 6 year olds. We were excited to reveal which artic animals we would be writing about, and have been doing some research on our experience day and at home to help us with our writing.

Our class novel Emperor on the Ice by Nicola Davies has really engaged us, and we have been fascinated with the beautiful illustrations by Catherine Rayner. We have been discussing the book in our ‘Book Talk’ session, where we also discuss books we read.


In Maths, Year Three have been working hard on learning our times tables. We have worked on multiplying by 3, 4 and 8. We then used our knowledge of these times tables to divide by them as well. Sticking with multiplying and dividing, we have learnt the formal methods for both of these calculations which we found tricky. Mr Thirsk was really impressed with our resilience! Finally, we have begun to work


Animals including Humans is our topic for Spring One in Science. We have learnt more about the different food groups that make up a healthy, balanced diet including why each group is good for us – some in small amounts! We then really enjoyed our work on different skeleton types which impressed Mr Thirsk. He is sure that there are some future scientists in this classroom!

In our RE sessions, we have been learning the difference between celebrations and festivals, and we have discussed which festivals we have been involved in/are familiar with. We are now learning about Ester, an important religious festival for Christians and why it is important to them In our RE lessons we show respect to one another by listening to each other views, and respecting we all have different beliefs etc.

We have continued our learning about Ancient Britain by learning all about the Bronze Age in History. We have looked closely at the similarities and differences between modern day life and life back then which we found really interesting. We have placed key events on a timeline and are looking forward to finding out more about this period in history.

Our artist for this term is Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He created some fantastic pieces of art. We are looking at his work that included buildings and thought about how he used colour to show emotion. We are looking forward to creating our own bright paintings using his style.

In computing we finished off our coding unit on scratch. We added the pen and drew patterns and decoded them before moving onto our topic of online Esafety. We have looked at and discussed cyber bullying, pop up ads and how these can cause problems and what to do if an inappropriate one pops up. We then looked at and created our own strong secure passwords.

In French we have learnt all about animals before moving on to Je Peux. I am able to. We then added verbs to form activities such as Je Peux faire du velo, Je peux danser, Je peux chanter and  Je peux cuisiner. We are moving on to more activities as we continue to practise our french. The animals we learnt were une vache (cow) and une souris (mouse) as well us un canard (duck), un cochon (pig), un mouton (sheep), un singe (monkey) amongst many others.

In PSHCEE we followed the Imatters scheme and the topic living in the wider world. We looked at rules and laws and discussed what these are and how they keep us safe. The children had a very good understanding of the difference and how these benefitted them. We moved on to local and global communities. We looked at different communities we belong to. The children had a good understanding of communities and groups they belonged to and also discussed their different religions and what communities this opened for them. We discussed how we are a family in our school and everyone is important, we discussed rights and responsibilities and the children linked this to their RRSA rights of the child and responsibilities helping at home for pocket money. We then looked at money and discussed where we get this from. We also discussed how you get money, children mentioned things like jobs and training amongst others. We discussed that money doesn’t typically grow on a tree but if they see a money tree the children agreed to let Miss Thompson know. We are continuing our PSHCEE lessons learning about Welcoming New People (Something Else) which is a British Value lesson in Mutual Tolerance and Respect for Diversity.

In PE we have been continuing out athletics work. We have looked at the ways we warm up and down and how these help us. We have had races amongst other lessons. The children have also been and continue to participate in dance sessions with our dance coach. They have learnt a range of moves and actions and are beginning in groups to put these together. Each lesson they add a little bit more to the dance in their groups. They then perform to the rest of the class as an audience







Art and DTRRSA Articles 13, 31



RRSA Article 14



RRSA Articles, 13, 31



RRSA Articles 13, 24, 31


Year 3


World Weather Animals Including Humans Y3

RRSA Articles 6, 7, 8, 24, 27


Plants Y3

  European Focus

Weather patterns / biomes

Fieldwork – observe and  measure

Name and locate continents and seas.

4 fig grid refs

Map symbols / keys

8 point compass

RRSA Article 27

Water colour / collage artist interpretation of weather

JMW Turner




DT Structures –

Making Greenhouses (PB Unit)

Living in the Wider World


BV – Mutual Tolerance and Respect for Diversity

Why are Festivals Important to Religious Communities? (Easter) Net IT- Online safety

RRSA Articles 16, 17, 19



Sort IT- Databases

Spring 1

China & Time


Spring 2

In the past & Communication







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