Teacher: Ms Nichol

TA: Miss Crolla & Mrs Moss

Spring Term 2024:

We have been working very hard in year 5 and we are proud of our learning. Here are a few things that we have been doing:

In Literacy we have been working on a piece of writing based on the film ‘The Martian’. Mark Watney is stranded on Mars when a mission goes wrong. We have been researching the Red Planet, learning about space travel and using empathy to put ourselves in Mark’s shoes and write a desperate transmission from Mars. Well … What would you say?
So far this term we have finished our work on Graphs and begun our unit on Fractions. We have been looking at the links between Fractions and Multiplication and Division (and how useful our times tables are when doing Fractions questions!), looking at improper fractions, unit fractions and mixed numbers.
Our new Science topic is ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’. 
We have used the internet to research our Solar System and have produced information posters about the planets. We have also looked at how ideas about the Solar System have changed since the time of the Ancient Greeks and why.

We have begun our new topic on The Kingdom of Benin. So far we have looked at how historians have managed to use artefacts, the remains of buildings and descriptions from travellers to piece together evidence of a civilisation where very little was written down! We have enjoyed looking at artefacts and trying to work out what they were used for. We even had a very entertaining game of Call my Bluff!

In Computing we are learning about Internet Safety. We have learned how to deal with SPAM, how to protect our personal information and how to choose powerful passwords. 

In French we are now ‘Au Salon de The’ (at the tearoom) where we are learning how to order various items in French. Un cafe et un croissant s’il vous plait!

In Music with Mr Nield we have been exploring dynamic and texture and how this affects our singing and playing. 






Art and DT 

RRSA Articles 13, 31



RRSA Article 14



RRSA Articles, 13, 31



RRSA Articles 13, 24, 31


Year 5


The Kingdom of Benin Earth’s Movement in Space Y5


Forces & Magnetism Y5

History of the Kingdom of Benin

Comparative chronology

Examining sources

The story of Eweka

Eventual destruction in 15th Century

Life in Benin


RRSA Article 27


Focus: Non European Country – Nigeria

Name and locate African countries

6 figure grid refs

Physical and human Geography

Maps and keys

Natural resources and trade

African Art. Patterns.


Edward Sald Tingatinga

(Art of Africa PB Unit)


DT – Making African Instruments (PB Unit)



Living in the Wider World


BV – Individual Liberty


BV – Democracy

If God is Everywhere, Why go to a Place of Worship? Net IT- Online safety

RRSA Articles 16, 17, 19


Net IT- evaluating information

Spring 1

Life Cycles


Spring 2

Keeping Healthy







At the Tearoom


My Family


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Class newsletter Yr 5 Summer 2024

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