Teacher: Mr Evans

TAs: Mr Nield, Miss Murphy


In the first half term we visited Tatton Park for our Stone Age topic. We found out about Stone Age tools, how Stone Age people survived and how and why fire was used.

We had an experience day based around the artist Antony Gormley. We started by creating a collage of Antony Gormley’s artwork so that we had an idea of his style. We found out that lots of his artwork is based around people so we created pieces of artwork similar to those of his; clay people, wire people and a watercolour silhouette of a person.

For our second experience day we focussed on Archaeology. We did a cycle of 5 activities; an archaeological dig and timeline, who does these items belong to, comparing maps over the years, making clay pots and using silhouette to create a stone age image. 

Our new topic for Spring Term is SPACE. We visited Jodrell Bank and found out lots of information about it. We sat in the inflatable planetarium which showed us all things space (stars, constellations, planets, sun and moon). We also had to create a safety case for a successful landing of the Mars Rover. We had a few items in a tray and used an egg to model the Mars Rover and checked to see whether it had cracked after being dropped from a height. We also explored other areas of Jodrell Bank to find some answers to questions we had. We loved looking at the Telescope and seeing it move!


In Literacy we have looked at the texts:

–          The Green Children by Kevin Crossley-Holland

–          The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

_          Should breaktimes be banned? (balanced argument)

_          The man who walked between the towers by Mordicai Gerstein

_          Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly 


During the Highwayman, we have been using our new Write Stuff approach to literacy looking at lots of new skills; alliteration, metaphors and similes. We created a description of a setting thinking about having an impact on the reader through our word choices. We have been thinking about how words reflect emotions at different levels of severity. We also wrote a story based around the theme of stealing something. We planned, drafted, wrote and edited our own individual story and enjoyed reading them out to the rest of the class.

During the Green Children we wrote a thought bubble in the voice of one of the characters explaining how we felt about the loss of our brother. We then wrote letters to our parents explaining everything that has happened so far and revealing the bad news. 

We did a Literacy unit based on arguments. We spent lots of time researching and finding out about screen use- especially in children. We wrote our argument about screen use including; modal verbs, relative clauses and contrasting and adding conjunctions. 

The ‘Man who walked between the towers’ unit was all about Phillipe Petit – a famous tightrope walker who walked between the twin towers. We enjoyed researching and finding out about this true story. We focussed on modal verbs, conditional sentences, formal voice and direct speech. We wrote an inner thought of Phillipe Petit considering his options as he decided he wanted to tightrope between the towers- weighing up the pros and cons. For our final piece of writing we wrote a newspaper report of the event when Phillipe had completed his tightrope walk.

In Spring 2, we have really enjoyed learning about 3 black women who worked for NASA through the book and film ‘Hidden Figures’. We looked at how different things used to be when these women first worked at NASA. We wrote a letter to the judge in the voice of Mary Jackson pleading with him for a place in the all white college in Virginia to study engineering. We focussed on persuasive and emotive language, time conjunctions, repetition and persuasive sentence openers. We began planning our next piece of writing which is a diary entry in the voice of one of the women on the day that Dorothy Vaughan and all the women she trained, were able to go and work alongside the white men and women in the main NASA building. 

In guided reading we have looked at lots of texts. We love using the reading gems to help us get familiar with the types of questions that we are asked. We have worked hard on structuring our questions and using evidence from the text to ensure we answer the question fully. We are doing lots of vocabulary work which is then helping us in our literacy lessons. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction. We have gotten really good at reading numbers up to a million and comparing and ordering these. We are now focusing on perfecting column addition and subtraction and using rounding to check our answers.

In Autumn 2, we have looked at multiplication and division. We have worked hard on knowing our times tables and now know how important they are in understanding multiplication and division. We have looked at lots of mental and written methods for multiplication including; partitioning and column method. 

In Spring we have been working on graphs and fractions. We have been reading tables, creating questions about information and reading line graphs. In fractions we have been working on comparing and ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, mixed and improper numbers and adding fractions. 

In Spring 2, we have been looking at subtracting fractions and multiplying them. We initially found these really tricky but have enjoyed seeing how much we have improved! We have done our Spring term tests and are very proud of what we have achieved!


In Science in Autumn 1, we looked at materials and their states. We have looked at sorting materials based on their properties, tested materials for their properties, looked at which materials are conductors and insulators and what their purpose is and also we have planned our own investigation about materials that dissolve. 

In Autumn 2, we have been looking at animals including humans. We have been learning about reproduction in plants and mammals and looking at the lifecycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. 

In Spring, our topic has been SPACE. We have looked at day and night, movement of moon around earth and movement of the planets around the sun. 

In Spring 2, we have looked at forces. We have done lots of investigations around gravity, water resistance, air resistance and friction. We have measured and recorded our results in tables and on graphs. We have written conclusions of our results. 


In ICT we are currently looking at Scratch coding. We have looked at changing background, costumes and creating additional sprites. We are making a maze game where our sprite must move through the maze to get to the end. 

We have continued with Scratch coding in Autumn 2, looking at creating a splat game where a character jumps to an object and smashes/breaks it. We have continued looking at developing sprites, backgrounds, changing costumes and creating a point system for our game. 

In Spring, we have looked at Internet Safety. We have looked at spam emails, strong passwords, plagiarism and false photography. We created a comic strip to show someone making a mistake online and how they might fix it and learn from it in the future.

 In Spring 2, we began looking at internet searching and filters. We used filter searching to find some information out about an animal of our choice. 


We enjoying reading in Year 5 and are bringing our books in every week! We have started the new online reading buddy programme and love using this at home.

Some of the things children said that they liked about it:

– There are lots of books which you can get at home if you don’t have many books.

– You can answer quizzes about the books which is fun.

– The buddy helps me with my reading.

– I can see what percentage I get so I know that I can improve.


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