Year 4

Teacher: Miss Male

TA: Miss Naylor and Miss Thompson


This half term in Literacy we have been looking at non-fiction texts. We looked at an information page about Octopuses and used this to hep us write our own information page about another sea creature. Some of us even created our own sea creatures!! We have been focusing on the features of information pages and included some complex sentences, practising using a range of conjunctions. We are now working towards writing a non fiction newspaper report about litter in the oceans and the impact it is having on marine life. We are looking to include some direct speech, not forgetting our inverted commas! 



We have looked at multiplication and division in numeracy working hard on our times tables. We have now moved on to looking at perimeter and area. We have learned that perimeter is the length around the outside of a shape and area is the space that a shape takes up. We are really enjoying using maths materials to help us understand. 



We have started looking at the Egyptians this half term and learnt lots so far! We visited Manchester Museum and learnt about mummification, looked at real artefacts and chose some objects for Azru to take to the afterlife! We have been learning in class all about the uses of the River Nile and how important it is to the Egyptians. We have started to look at what life was like for Egyptians. On our experience day we designed and built clay pyramids, painted sarcophagus’, painted an Egyptian sunset in the style of Claude Monet and baked some pyramid cupcakes. They were tasty!


In Science, we have been learning about teeth and eating. We have looked at our own teeth, used teeth and jaws of other animals to say whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, looked at what makes a balanced diet and how healthy our diet is and also looked at how we digest food. We did an experiment where we recreated the process of digestion. It was a bit gross!!


In ICT  we have started looking at blogging. We have wrote emails and our own blogs about something we are interested in.


In RE we have been learning about God, David and the Psalms. We have looked at the characteristics of a king and how these relate to God. We have also been looking at inspirational people around us. 


In PE we have been continuing learning to swim. We have made lots of progress and seen lots of confidence building in the children. The children have enjoyed their sessions so far at Wright Robinson. We are excited to start gymnastics next half term!!


We have been practising our skills and learning basic vocabulary for colours, numbers, weather and simple greetings. The children have learnt some songs to help them with their French. The children have so far enjoyed learning a new language. We are starting to write and have short conversations in french. ​


Newsletter for Year 4-Class newletter Yr4 summer 2018

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