Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Nichol

TA: Mrs Mellon


Year 3 have had a very busy half term!

In Science we were finally able to complete our shadow investigation after waiting what seemed like months for a sunny day. We learned about what happens to shadows at different times of the day and what this tells us about the movement of the Earth.

We then started finding out about ‘Our Bodies’ – beginning with food and what our bodies need to stay healthy. We have had lots of great discussions about the food we eat and whether it is good for us!

Our Literacy topic has been ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and other Roald Dahl stories. We enjoyed making ‘Enormous Crocodiles’ enormously!

In French we have been using short phrases and practising having conversations. We are getting quite good at this!

Finally, we decided that for our Dojo treat we would like to do some ‘cooking’ – but as we were learning about health and nutrition we changed this to designing and making our own fruit salads. It was very nice and we all enjoyed it. We may have had a little bit of ice cream too!










 Class Newsletter for Year 3-Class newsletter Yr3 Summer 1 2018

Document showing what the children in Year 3 will look at in Summer Term-year 4 – rainforests topic web 2018