Teacher: Miss Male

TAs: Mrs Campbell


This year we have visited Tatton Park for our Stone Age topic. We found out about Stone Age tools, how Stone Age people survived and did an archaeological dig to find Stone Age items.

We had an experience day based around the artist Anthony Gormley. We created clay people (similar to a piece of his own artworks), cave art using printing and created our own Stone Age house using varied materials including those from outside.

In the Spring Term we visited Jodrell Bank as part of our Space topic. We found out about the planets- conducting experiments to look at the conditions, finding information in the exploration areas and looking at the effects of gravity, light and pressure. We also looked at Tim Peak’s space expedition- how he lived and the training that was required.


In Literacy we have looked at the texts:

–          The Green Children

–          Poetry by Pie Corbett and Valerie Bloom

_          The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

_          Unspoken by Henry Cole

We have designed and created our own Lost Thing out of junk materials as part of our Literacy unit. We wrote a letter of advise to inform a friend how to look after our lost thing including modal verbs, subordinate clause starters, conjunctions and varied persuasive sentence openers. We then planned, drafted, edited and finally wrote our own Lost Thing narrative- some of us retelling the story and others of us changing elements of the story including characters and settings. We looked at relative clauses and description as well as applying previous skills taught. 

During Unspoken, we have focussed particularly on verb openers and direct speech. We wanted to better our speech by thinking about inferring how the characters are feeling and even including some split speech. 


In maths we have already looked at place value and addition and subtraction. In Spring 1, we have looked at multiplication and division and we are using our new maths scheme (Maths No Problem!) which we are really enjoying. In multiplication, we looked at partitioning, grid method and column multiplication as well as continuing to learn and apply our times tables. In division, we focussed on mental division using known facts and the bus stop method- including with remainders! We have also looked at graph work- focussing on reading tables and line graphs. 

In an afternoon, we have started to play mini maths games to help with our fluency. We are really enjoying these! We are also all working really hard on times table rockstars to get our heatmap completely green!!


In Science we have been looking at forces including gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. We have done several experiments including creating a parachute and a boat. We have discussed the vocabulary; independent variable, dependent variable and controlled variables- we are getting more familiar with these terms. 

We have started looking at materials and their states. We are looking at boiling, dissolving, melting and changes of state. 

 In ICT we have moved on from coding onto graphic modelling. We have been using word to manipulate shapes and objects to show a birds-eye view of our classroom and then we will move on to designing our perfect classroom. 

In RE, our current topic is women in the bible. We have looked at women such as Jochebed, Ruth and Naomi and discussed their importance in the bible. 

We are continuing to enjoy reading in Year 5 and are bringing our books in every week! We love finding new vocab that we can use in our writing and finding synonyms for these words.


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