Ethos Team

At St Clement’s children leading worship is a central part of our routine. We have an Ethos team, made up of pupils from all classes. The children are heavily involved in planning, delivering, monitoring and evaluating collective worship. 

 Meet our fabulous Ethos team! 


Being on the Ethos team is amazing! I fell that being in the group is amazing because I get to contribute to our school by hosting assemblies, making competitions and announcing events, I love being able to help people in this group when they need help”


“I love having the opportunity to join the Ethos Team. I love to share my ideas and love to create PowerPoints about our Christian values and present them to the whole school.”


“I enjoy being on the Ethos Team as I enjoy doing the class assemblies and spreading God’s word!” 


” I’m enjoying listening to other peoples opinions, being included and sharing my ideas. I’m looking forward to taking on my role as reflection leader.”


“Being on the Ethos Team is really good because you help with promoting the Rights Respecting School. This makes us very good at understanding what our rights are.”


” What I really like about the Ethos Team is when we give food to the food bank. “


” I really enjoy Ethos Team because it’s really nice for children to teach the school about our Christian values. I am happy that I joined Ethos because I enjoy doing the assemblies.” 


” On the Ethos Team, we get to do fun stuff like doing assemblies, going on trips and much more! I enjoy being on the team because we learn about Christian Holidays and celebrations like Christmas and Easter. On the Ethos team, we learn about some really interesting facts about God and Jesus. “


” Being on the Ethos Team is really nice because you get to take part in discussions and learn new things. ” 


” I think it’s enjoyable because it’s exciting and sometimes in the Ethos Team, there area unexpected events and I am always up for a challenge which I am proud of! I can grow more confident and I am thankful to be on the Ethos Team!”


I like the Ethos Team because we get to do worship, prepare for the things that we are going to do and we do it in all our Wednesday meetings.”


“Being an Ethos member means preparing for assemblies, learning about celebrations and mental and physical health.” 


” Joining the Ethos team felt like I was moving to a higher level. I love the assemblies, worship and meetings. I’m looking forward to baking cookies for our next event.” 


” I enjoy being on the Ethos Team because I get to help out.” 


” I like to be on the Ethos team so much because I get to take part in assemblies and teach our school about God.”


” I like being on the Ethos because I enjoy learning new things with my friends and working as a team”

Please see below some of the presentations that the Ethos team have put together this year to help teach children about our values and celebrations: 

Values for thursday whole of ethos

all about Chinese new year

children’s Day 1

children’s Day



Remembrance Day!

worship slides