Head Teacher’s Welcome

Our 7 Christian Values:  Faith, Hope, Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Compassion & Thankfulness


Our mission statement: 

We encourage and inspire children to aim high and challenge themselves in everything they do.

As a compassionate, Christian school, we are strong in our faith.  We believe in love and forgiveness and are thankful for the opportunities we have to live and learn in our community.



“91% of our pupils agree that St Clements is a good school”

 (Pupil Survey June 2019)


“100% of parent/carers agree that their child/ren are happy and safe at St Clements School”

(Parent/Carer Survey October 2019)


Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy it and are able to gain a picture of what we do at St Clements.


St Clements is continuing to work very hard to raise the standard of teaching, raise achievement and to develop leadership and management at all levels in school. 

I know that I speak for the Governors and staff when I say that we are proud of what we offer pupils and their families.


We place a very high importance on pupils feeling happy and all of us showing respect towards one another. 

We also pride ourselves on knowing each child as an individual due to our nurturing and caring environment which is underpinned by our Christian values.  We are proud to have strong links with our church which we visit at least every half term and enjoy weekly worship in school led by Reverend Paul and Reverend Tom. 


In our pupil survey (June 2019) we found out:

*84% enjoyed being at school.

*91% of pupils agreed that this is a good school.

*82% of pupils agreed there were lots of lunchtime and afterschool activities

*They also told us that they feel safe in lessons (92%) and at playtime (74%). 

*Pupils realise that they can always talk to an adult and recognise our school cares about them.  (89%)


*We have an involved governing body that knows our school well and challenges us to do even better by working with us on monitoring standards of teaching, pupil’s work and speaking to pupils about what is going well and what we can do even better. 


*Our staff have a wealth of experience and are a committed, hardworking staff team.


*We have an exciting, creative curriculum that our parent/carers think is great due to how the trips and visitors into school bring learning to life.  We place a high priority on communicating with parent/carers  so that they are fully aware of how their child is doing in school, how they can get involved in school life and to work with us when issues may arise.  We e-mail the weekly newsletter out to them and keep them in touch with what their child has achieved and what they are learning through the class dojo system. 


We recognise the importance of working with the whole family and as a result, parent/carers are welcome to come into school to participate in learning and social activities or receive support from our Family Support team on a range of issues. 

Nothing but the best is good enough for our pupils and families and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve our goal of becoming a truly good school.  Jane Parker




Children’s Voice

At St Clement’s, teachers make learning fun by organising special days and weeks for us to progress further in different areas of the curriculum. In the past year we have taken part in; experience days, science investigation days, enterprise week, healthy schools week and a one goal day. We are proud that French is now on our timetable and we are enjoying practising this weekly. 

We are lucky enough to have lots of school clubs on offer at St Clement’s. We have breakfast club, drama club, gymnastics, singing, football, cross country, study club, multi activity, rounders, cricket, netball, guitar and booster sessions. Each class has the opportunity to show the rest of the school what they have been learning about through a production where parents are invited in. We really enjoy this opportunity to explore drama. 

Last year we entered cross country, football and swimming competitions. We have lots more competitions lined up for this year; football, rounders, basketball, netball, swimming, cross country and we will also be visiting some change 4 life festivals. We are really excited about representing our school in these. We have also been doing the daily mile and are hoping to start skipping to promote personal challenge in fitness! 

We have continued to progress in ICT. Throughout school, children get to do blogging, coding (to eventually be able to create our own games) and the chance to make movies. We have been using the Scratch and Kodu sofware to code. We are using the IPADs and laptops in other subjects as well. 
We are especially proud of the amount of charity and fundraising work that our school does. Some examples of these are the summer and Christmas fairs, movie nights, Share a pencil and Macmillan coffee mornings. We have previously been involved in the Manchester Bee project alongside 18 other schools to support those affected by the 2017 bombing. 
Other fun things that school run are bingo nights, school discos, small gifts that children can purchase for mothers and fathers day and St Clement’s got talent. 
This past year we have tried really hard to get our parents involved as much as we can. We have offered opportunities for parents to come in to see handwriting and our experience day learning. We have held mornings for parents to learn about staying safe on the internet and the methods we use in maths. We also invited parents in to help with our Manchester Bee project. Some parents are invited in on a Friday to come and hear us read. We enjoy it when our parents come in to school
As a Christian school, our values are very important to us. We enjoy class worship on Tuesday mornings, visitors in assemblies who come in to talk to us or play live music and question of the week. We also enjoy our whole school RE creative projects and ethos days.
New things to our school in 2018:
– New playground equipment for breaktimes
– Outdoor reading shed- some children enjoy helping to manage the reading shed and others enjoy spending time reading there.
– We are becoming a forest school! We currently have builders in creating a new area where we can build fires, make dens and cook food (all outdoors!!). We can’t wait for it to be finished!
School council are hoping to make some more changes this year to further improve our already great school! We are hoping to get more equipment in school and create some posters to encourage children. 
School Council 2018-19
(October 2018)